Piano Lessons

in Hungarian, English and Norwegian
in the heart of Pécs

Piano Lessons

Would you like to be closer friends with some classical composers? Or to dig into the mysteries of pop music and let your fantasy roam free? Are you interested in writing your own melodies and rhythms without any notes and strict rules? Would you like to compose your first own piano piece? No matter what your answer is, I will help you, because I am also very opened for these exciting musical processes.


As I had 5 and almost 60 year old student these years, I try to be flexible with my methods in order to satisfy one’s abilities and demands. I believe that playing the piano and my piano classes should be recreative and pleasant experiences. To achieve this, I adapted to my students’ motivations and goals taking care at the same time that collaboration should always be effective for both of us. 

I was lucky to attend to a special art school, where I could learn to improvise and compose in addition to piano pieces. Thanks to this I could start an exciting and diverse journey that gave me orchestra tours, recordings, concerts and loads of other wonderful experiences. I would like to give the possibility in my piano teaching through the art of improvisation as well, which can secure not only the appearance on stage, but could even provide a much freer thinking and performing.

As I lived in Bergen, Norway for 9 years and taught children and adults of Norwegian, Hungarian and other nationalities, I teach in Hungarian, English and Norwegian.


You can bring your own pieces that you have played and would like to refresh, or would like to master this time, but of course I am happy to give you new pieces at different difficulty levels and styles.

We can work on improvisations individually or even with four hands with me.
These improvisations result often concrete musical ideas, that you can write down and tada! Here is your first piano piece!

Theory disciplines are usually not very popular, however they can be a vital part of the instrumental studies. If you have any questions about them, the essentials of solfege and theory can be integrated into the piano lessons.


The piano classes take place in downtown Pécs, few minutes walk from Széchenyi square near to the University buildings.

You can attend every day except Sunday.

Duration of a lesson is 50 minutes and costs 5000 Forint.

We can both get in a situation where we would have to cancel a lesson. I would kindly ask you to do so as soon as possible, because if you would do so within 24 hours prior to your lesson you would have to pay for it.


Alkotmány utca, Pécs, Hungary

+36 30 33 22 882


Gabriella Szabó

Pianist - Piano teacher - Accompanist - Composer


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